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Basic Radiology Course 2023
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

Chest-X-rays play an important role in daily patient care of your clients presenting with any chest complaints like cough, dyspnea and pain with sudden or gradual onset, often accompanied by fever. However, correct interpretation of chest X-rays requires some basic knowledge of the chest anatomy, the radiographic technique and the spectrum of radiographic presentation of common chest problems like pneumonia, pleural - or pericardial effusion, congestive heart failure and pneumothorax.

This course has been prepared in cooperation with Dr. Gwendolyn Vuurberg from the radiology department of a large Teaching hospital and provides you with a well-structured approach of reading chest-X-rays. Although that course has primarily been designed for medical doctors, also other healthcare professionals involved in daily patient care are welcome to follow that course. The course is awarded with 2.5 AHF CME credit hours.

What you will learn

  • How to read a Chest CX-ray
  • Technique
  • Quality of acquisition
  • Anatomy of the chest
  • Soft tissue, bones, diaphragm
  • Cor and mediastinum
  • Lungs and Pleura
  • Clinical cases
  • Basics of CT scan and MRI
  • Course Staff Image #1

    Clemens Richter, MD PhD

    Course Staff Image #1

    Gwendolyn Vuurberg, MD PhD

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    Enrollment in this course is by invitation only